“We have lift off…..”

“We have lift off…..”

This has been such a whirlwind!  We are finally launched. We are excited and eager to partner with so many talented people that we can’t wait to share more information.  The next couple of weeks will be filled with important dates and opportunities to connect with the Educate Operate team here in Memphis.

So who are we exactly?  Well, in short, we are a group of young professionals who are most passionate about education reform efforts in Memphis and operations.  We are the behind the scenes people who often walk into a room and say “How can I help?” or just get started helping.

We want to expand our impact. For the last few years, we have done a great job of helping “ops” all kinds of projects and ideas with other educators. All of this done with the end goal of improving academic outcomes for students in low performing schools in Memphis.

After working on a few projects together over the last few years, we realized there is a larger community that needs part-time help, usually over a few weeks, just to get things done for their school or non-profit.  Everything from setting up systems and storage spaces at schools to data entry.  While each project on its own is simple and straight forward, it often requires an understanding of how schools work in order to get the work done at a high level.

And that is where Educate Operate comes in.  We have individuals who are extremely talented and well versed in the educational landscape in Memphis who can, on part-time basis, help you get some critical projects turned around without assigning more duties to your direct reports. You reach out to our team, work with a Project Manager figure out the specifics and a work team is deployed to complete your project.  You only pay Educate Operate. We pay our team for the time worked.  You can cross it off your to do list.

We eliminate the need for partners to search for high quality, temporary staff to work on specific short-term projects.
Our workteams focus on organizing, planning and executing projects that require smart, goal oriented part-time staff to get things done.

We are currently accepting resumes for part-time opportunities on our workteams.  If you, or someone you know, is interested, please send all resumes to Ruby@educateoperate.com

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me.


Ruby Powell – Dennis

Founder, Educate Operate